Comfoor restarts Pluggerz service on location

20 May 2020

The government is gradually loosening the measures around COVID-19. We are nowhere near the end, but thanks to the self-discipline the inhabitants of The Netherlands showed the past weeks, our economy can carefully start running again. At Comfoor we are ready to focus on offering hearing care and preventing hearing loss. Employees in the industry are depending on good hearing protection after all.


We are therefore pleased that this week we can start checking and fitting Pluggerz hearing protectors and our related services on location again. We used the past weeks to rearrange our company processes for the moment we are allowed to offer our services to our clients. At Comfoor we have made a safety protocol in accordance with the guidelines of the AEA (European association of hearing care professionals). With this protocol we are ready to protect our employees, to produce responsibly and to serve our customers safely.


Our safety protocol is made conform the Corona Protocol Safe Hearing Care, as it is established by the Dutch Audiology Society. The protocol contains very strict guidelines on hygiene and the use of protective equipment. For example, our employees keep a distance of 1.5 meters as much as possible, they wear protective equipment and they disinfect their hands as well as all the products and equipment they used


We have explained the most important steps in our protocol in the video below. This way we can create a safe working environment together, aiming for 100% prevention with hearing protection



Nothing is assured in this time of COVID-19. We keep following the advice of our government and will adjust our protocol in case it is necessary

Written by: Erik Kolenbrander