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The attenuation depends on the type of material used for the hearing protector and the filter that is used. The attenuation therefore depends on the type of Pluggerz Custom-Fit, so the Road and the Hobby made from the same material and fitted with the same filter have the same attenuation values. 

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The table above shows the attenuation values for flexible (soft) Pluggerz Custom-Fit hearing protectors with the different filters. The second table shows the attenuation values for the hard Pluggerz Custom-Fit. The attenuation values for the Pluggerz Uni-Fit are shown in the last table. Pluggerz Uni-Fit are all supplied with a 'fixed' filter, so the attenuation for these depends on the type of Pluggerz Uni-Fit.

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  • For predominantly low frequency noise environments in which the difference in the measured C-weighted and A-weighted noise levels (dBC—dBA) exceeds 3 dB, the user is directed to the enclosed graph of the variability of noise reduction with noise spectra to determine the level of protection.
  • Improper fit or improper use of this device will decrease noise reduction effectiveness and increase the risk of hearing damage.
  • When this device is worn as directed, the level of noise entering a person's ear is approximated by the differences between the A-weighted environmental noise level and the lesser and greater NRRs.
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