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Heeding hearing impairment in the work environment

04 october 2018 | By Anke Abbink - HR Advisor Comfoor B.V.

Deaf and hearing-impaired employees are often very driven and have a positive work attitude but have to try really hard to find work. At Comfoor B.V. employees with a hearing impairment are more than welcome, but many employers are still wary. That is unfortunate, according to Jitske and Ellis, because only a few adjustments are needed to obtain some seriously motivated employees! read all >> 

5 reasons to choose Pluggerz Custom-Fit

05 september 2018 | By Wendy Plant

In contrast to the Uni-Fit, Pluggerz Custom-Fit definitely have some advantages. The great thing about Custom-Fit hearing protection is that you can completely customize your own earplugs! Do you choose our standard filters or do you go for optimal sound quality with our flat filters? Below, you'll find 5 reasons to choose for Custom-Fit hearing protection. read all >> 

Changes in the production process in an innovative company

03 september 2018 | By Daniëlle van der Wiel - Operations manager Comfoor B.V.

Changes in the world follow each other faster and faster. These developments offer opportunities for each company, but innovation is key. Innovation by application of new technologies, the development of new products, but also innovation in work processes. The need to innovate exists across all departments in a company and the ability to innovate continuously is a critical success factor to succeed as a company. Especially for a market leader in order to stay ahead. At the same time, it is important that as a company you remain close to your core values, that you remain yourself. Innovate and at the same time retain your identity. How do you go about that in the production process and what does it ultimately yields? ... read all >> 

Light up your ears with Pluggerz Glow-in-the-Dark custom made earplugs!

16 July 2018 | By Pluggerz

Wearing hearing protection is not only sensible nowadays, but also really cool. So get ready to be seen with Pluggerz Glow-in-the-Dark! And on top of that, you can now easily find them back in the dark. So party, ride, read, travel, sleep, shoot and work with glowing Pluggerz earplugs. The brand new 'color' Glow-in-the Dark is available for all customized hearing protection made of silicone, with a hardness of 40 Shore... read all >>