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Common situations

According to working conditions legislation, the employer must identify and map hamrfull noises at the workplace. This is sometimes difficult or otherwise not carried out. Below you find a list of common situations with average noise levels with our advice for the applicable filter. Please note that these are indicative values based on our experiences. Pluggerz does not accept any responsability for incorrect numbers.

Situations Noise level Advice filter
Car repair 80dB - 95dB C02
Printer 80dB - 95dB C02
Drum teacher 100dB - 120dB M20 or M25
Cooler truck 80dB - 95dB C02
Forklift 80dB - 90dB C01
Motor driver 80dB - 90dB C01
Shooting range Peak > 140dB C07
Painter 80dB - 90dB C01
Shoemaker 80dB - 95dB C02
Speed boat 85dB - 110dB C04
Steel construction 85dB - 110dB, peak > 140dB C05
Dentist 80dB - 90dB C00 or M15
Diskwasher 85dB - 105dB C03
Swimming pool 80dB - 90dB C01
Packaging factory    
Baler press 85dB - 90dB C02
Boilerhouse 75dB - 85dB C01
Glue maschine 85dB - 90dB C02
Pallet press 75dB - 85dB C01
Paper shredder 100dB - 105dB C07
Cutter 85dB - 95dB C02
Folding maschine 85dB - 90dB C02
Plastics industry    
Plastics factory 85dB - 90dB C02
Milling maschine 95dB - 100dB C04
Tractor 95dB - 105dB C07
Shipping industry (sea)    
Dredging 75dB - 105dB C06
Maschine room 80dB - 110dB C07
Road construction    
General 80dB - 115dB C07
Demolition hammer 95dB - 110dB C07
Concrete indutry    
Concrete factory 100dB - 120dB C07
Extruder (PVC) 90dB - 95dB C02
Hammer mill (PVC) 100dB - 115dB C06
Circular saw 100dB - 105dB C06
Milling maschine 95dB - 100dB C04
Hans cicular saw 100dB - 110dB C06
Random orbital sander 95dB - 100dB C04
Piling at 1 meter 105dB - 125dB C07
Piling at distance 90dB - 110dB C03
Carver 100dB - 105dB C07
Sand blasing 90dB - 115dB C06
Stone saw 85dB - 110dB C06
Leaf blower 100dB - 105dB C04
Wood shredder 95dB - 105dB C04
Light chain saw 100dB - 105dB C05
Snow plow 95dB - 100dB C03
Vibratory Tamper 100dB - 115dB C07
Sweeper maschine 80dB - 95dB C02
Garbage truck 80dB - 90dB C01
Heavy chain saw 105dB - 115dB C07
Lumber industry    
Dust colelctor 80dB - 85dB C01
Lumber sawing 90dB - 105dB C04
Carpenter 85dB - 110dB C04
  90dB - 105dB C04
Platform > 100dB C07
Stewardess 80dB - 90dB C00 or M15
Pilot 85dB - 110dB C03 or C04