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LifeShell Com

LifeShell Com
  • Suitable for all walkie-talkies with air conduction
  • Available with 3,5 mm jet-plug connection for connecting air to electronics
  • No need to modify the headset
  • Optimum contact with surroundings
  • Ideal for police and security personnel

The LifeShell.comm is a special communication ear mould. It is used by policemen, security services and the emergency services. LifeShell.comm makes it possible to remain in contact with the communication system, however, it also has a special aperture that allows background noises to be heard clearly with both ears. This is important when what happens out on the streets is just as important as what you hear from the incident room. The LifeShell.comm fits comfortably in the ear in the most varied situations. It is also suitable for use in rooms in which there is a fire and explosion risk and it is made from hypoallergenic material.