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LifeShell Protect Com

LifeShell Protect Com
  • Suitable for all walkie-talkies with air conduction
  • Available with 3,5 mm jet-plug connection for connecting air to electronics
  • No need to modify the headset
  • Suitable for noisy environments, for example in the security sector

The LifeShell Protect.comm is a combination of the LifeShell Protect and the LifeShell Com: both hearing protector and communication aid! It is ideal for noisy situations in which (continuous (good) communication is important, for example on a building site and for security at music concerts. The LifeShell Protect.comm remains comfortable in the ear under the most diverse conditions. It is also suitable for use in rooms in which there is a fire and explosion risk and it is made from hypoallergenic material.