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Custom-Fit Shoot Impulse

Custom-Fit Shoot Impulse
  • Unique impulse filter
  • Low attenuation when little sound, heavy attenuation when shots are fired
  • Maximum user comfort
  • Suitable for extended daily use
  • Available in acrylic with nano-lacquer (hard) or silicon material (soft)
  • Includes handy storage pouch
  • Available in 20 different colours, including transparent
  • CE certificering pending
  • SNR = variable, click here for attenuation details

Excessive noise can cause irreparable damage. Average shotgun noise is beyond the threshold of pain and can cause sudden hearing loss with complications. The more often you shoot with guns, the higher the risk of permanent hearing loss. Pluggerz Shoot Impulse has been developed for at the shooting range.The impulse filter attenuates constantly to a sound level of more than 100 dB, but at an impulse noise it attenuates more strongly the louder the shot. The attenuation is therefore greater the louder the noise. Find your nearest Pluggerz Dealer using the dealer locator in the top right of this webpage.

The hearing protectors can only work if they are fitted into the ear correctly. Read here how you should do this.