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Custom-Fit Shoot Cens/Cens Com

Custom-Fit Shoot Cens/Cens Com
  • Suppresses shotgun noise, but boosts ambient sound
  • 2 easy-to-use programmes
  • Communication with other hunters possible
  • Maximum user comfort
  • Suitable for extended use
  • Silicone material (soft)
  • Includes handy storage pouch
  • Available in 9 different colours, including transparent
  • CE certified and tested according to EN 352-7
  • SNR = 25dB, click here for attenuation details

Pluggerz Shoot CENS® Active is designed especially with the rifle marksman in mind. The brand new state-of-the-art digital circuitry inside is able to suppress the louder gunshot noise generated by rifle and large calibre ammunition. They are also great for shotgun shooters. Find your nearest Pluggerz Dealer using the dealer locator in the top right of this webpage.

Do you want to know how the Pluggerz Shoot CENS® works? Click here.