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Extended warranty

Comfoor and Pluggerz hearing protectors are measured with the greatest of care and are made from high-quality materials. For wearers of Custom-Fit hearing protectors aged older than 16, Comfoor offers a two-year guarantee on material, attenuation and discolouration.

Comfoor offers the option of concluding a Comfoor extended warranty Contract for the Comfoor Pro, LifeShell Protect and Pluggerz Custom-Fit. When purchasing a half set of hearing protection (= one hearing protector) it is only possible to conclude an extended warranty contract for a full set.

An extended warranty contract can be concluded up to the moment of delivery, after which it will no longer be possible.

In the event of loss or theft during the first two years Comfoor shall provide one replacement full set or two replacement half sets of Comfoor Custom-Fit hearing protectors free of charge.

Damaged hearing protectors will be replaced or repaired free of charge for a period of two years.

Cover is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • In the event of loss, theft and/or damage to the hearing protector, or part thereof, force majeure is a precondition for the incident that has occurred.
  • Damage resulting from an intentional act is excluded from the cover.
  • The buyer must notify the seller of the damage, loss or theft of one or both hearing protectors. The seller shall then contact Comfoor. In the event of damage the hearing protectors must be sent back to Comfoor.
  • The compensation shall only consist of a free repair or free-of-charge replacement of the hearing protector(s). This shall always be at the discretion of Comfoor.