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Instruction inserting Pluggerz universal earplugs


  • Check to see if the Pluggerz are clean and undamaged.
  • Hold the top of your auricle (ear-shell) and gently pull it upwards and backwards.
  • Insert the hearing protector into the ear till it feels comfortable and seals the ear canal.
  • Let go of the auricle and gently press down the hearing protector one more time. Protective action is only guaranteed if the hearing protector is inserted correctly.


Pluggerz are reusable earplugs that offer full protection only when worn continuously. The silicone material is kind to your skin. Pluggerz are also a hygienic solution, as they are easy to clean using soap and water. They should always be dried properly before you put them back in their case.

If the Pluggerz are not inserted in your ears properly or if the instructions are not followed, this will adversely affect the protection that they offer. Contact with chemicals can also affect the protection that they provide.