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People who work on a daily basis in a noisy environment know how important the use of hearing protection is. And because hearing damage is irreversible this subject has become more prominent over the past few years. Most people find hearing protection made to measure to be very comfortable and safe. 

Otoplastic is made-to-measure, protective earplugs that can be worn comfortably during the entire day. Technical developments have also made it possible for otoplastics to not only provide protection, but also improve communication - and thereby also safety - at the workplace. You are better protected against noise, while still being able to hear your colleagues! Pluggerz provides full compliance with Arbowet [Working Conditions Act] regulations. 

Our service
Would you like separate prices for inspections and measurements or a subscription with a good warranty? The choice is yours! 

Professional hearing protection 

We can measure otoplastics at your premises.  After production we deliver the otoplastics to your location and immediately check noise control isolation.  If you wish we will insect the devices and provide maintenance annually.  You only pay a fixed, low price,  while you enjoy a 6 month fit and isolation warranty.  

Care Control
With Care Control you chose for a subscription.  The first year at a higher rate and subsequent years at a fixed low rate per employee for inspection and maintenance.  Your guarantee is valid for as long as your contract is valid; should the otoplastics not provide sufficient isolation we will provide you with new ones free of charge.  You will never have to buy new ones again!  You are therefore guaranteed to have good hearing protection, without any unforeseen costs.  

Care Control Plus
Care Control Plus is the same as Care Control, except that you pay the same fixed rate every year.  This allows you to keep costs under control and budget expenses.  Pay the same fixed rate for new employees.  

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