Your ears love us.


Pluggerz can offer an all-inclusive package when you purchase professional hearing protection. What does that mean? Pluggerz takes care of the planning, organisation and management. This means you do not have to worry about maintenance, inspection or cleaning of the hearing protection device. We have various contracts available for this purpose.

Your client portal
Keep your finger on the pulse through the client portal.  There you can see exactly what we do, which employees have hearing protectors and which action points still need attention.  Always up-to-date!

Individual noise control isolation
Our hearing protection is made to measure,  which allows us to guarantee a perfect fit.  We check this with noise control isolation  to ensure there is no noise leakage.  If it does not provide a 100% seal  We will make a new one.  Free of charge.

Questions about hearing impairment at work?

What are the requirement for a hearing protection programme?  How often do I have to offer my employees audiometric?  Answers to these and other questions are available at Report on the Prevention of Occupational Hearing Impairment.