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Lifeshell protect.comm

Lifeshell protect.comm

Lifeshell Protect.comm is a hearing protection device and communication device in one. Ideal for noisy situations when good communication is also important, e.g. when handling security during a music concert or at a construction site. Lifeshell Protect.comm is produced digitally with an antibacterial coating for an optimal fit and wearing comfort.

Because of the thin shell Lifeshell Protect.comm does not feel sultry. Excellent comfort and the damping filters are made to measure. We conduct tests at the workplace for this purpose, with the key requirement that ambient noise must be let through, while harmful peaks in noise levels are blocked. This allows you to continue working, while providing you with optimum hearing protection.

The Geldredome in Arnhem is a multifunctional stadium for all kinds of events, from rock concerts to football matches.  Pluggerz supports the security staff and head stewards with LifeShell Protect.comm,  to their satisfaction!

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