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Professional hearing protection

Professional hearing protection

Our professional hearing protection is made to measure, so it fits perfectly and provides optimal wearing comfort. The type of damping filters used depends on the noise level at the workplace. These smart filters block harmful peaks in noise levels without completely shutting sound out, so that you can continue to communicate normally with your environment.

The product is treated with an antibacterial and anti-allergic coating.

Do you work in the food industry? Then opt for detectable hearing protection, which you can easily find again in case it gets misplaced.

Professional hearing protection can also be supplied with a string and clothing clip, e.g. SoundPro for music and communication or BlueCom for Bluetooth communication.


  • Made from anti-allergenic material
  • Digitally produced for an optimal fit
  • Excellent wearing comfort
  • 8 different damping filters
  • Available in different colours

We supply professional hearing protection with different contracts, including yearly inspection and a lifetime guarantee.