Your ears love us.


Noise on the work floor can damage your hearing. To protect employees against hearing impairment, employers must take preventative measurements. Arbowet [Working Conditions Act] contains regulations for this purpose. The most important parts of the legislation can be found in the list below.

  • If exposed to a daily dose of noise above 80 dB(A) the employer must make hearing protectors available.
  • If exposed to a daily dose of noise above 85 dB(A) employees are required to wear hearing protectors.
  • If exposed to noises above 85 dB(A) an Action Plan must be made.
  • If the threshold of 87 dB(A) is exceeded (measured in the ear, taking into hearing protectors into account), steps must be taken to reduce the noise level immediately under the limiting value.
  • Employers must inform their employees sufficiently about the danger of noise.
  • Employees have the right to a hearing test to check if the measurements taken are efficient. 

As of 21 April 2018 hearing protection PPE falls under category 3. Our products will also be compliant with category 3 standards from that date.

This page was last modified on 14 July 2014.