5 reasons to choose Custom-Fit earplugs

16 May 2019

In contrast to the Uni-Fit, Pluggerz Custom-Fit definitely have some advantages. The great thing about Custom-Fit hearing protection is that you can completely customize your own earplugs! Do you choose our standard filters or do you go for optimal sound quality with our flat filters? Below, you'll find 5 reasons to choose for Custom-Fit hearing protection.

1. You are kind to your ears

Do you find yourself in a loud environment regularly? Then you run the risk of hearing damage. Every 3 dB increase in sound levels means half the time you can spend in it without risking hearing damage. At a party where 101 dB is produced, you risk hearing damage after less than 4 minutes! You could choose to get universal hearing protection, but if you find yourself in loud environments regularly, Pluggerz Custom-Fit is a better option to consider!

2. You get the perfect fit

To make Custom-Fit hearing protection, imprints are made from your ears. These are converted into 3D-printed earplugs. Pluggerz Custom-Fit earplugs have been produced digitally for over 10 years with state-of-the-art 3D printers and modeling software. Exactly to the shape of your ear canal, for the best attenuation and optimal comfort.

3. You choose the material

Acrylate or silicone earplugs? That is the question you get when you order hearing protection. Each material has its advantages.



  • Has a longer lifespan
  • Is more hygienic and easier to clean
  • Has a better seal and less rejection in a seal test.
  • Feels cooler when you work in heat
  • Has more colour options
  • The premium filters are easier to remove for cleaning
  • Can also be connected to in-ear speakers (only applies to Custom-Fit 2-in-1)
  • Is made from softer material

4. You're in charge of the attenuation

Both the 'normal' filters as the flat filters are available in different strengths. Our flat filters, for instance, are available in 10, 15, 20 and 25 dB. For every type of hearing protector we have a standard filter that matches the type the best, but if you'd like more or less attenuation you can indicate this to your hearing care professional.

5. You choose your favourite colour

Your hearing protection in your favourite colour? It's possible! The options are (almost) limitless: Acrylic (hard) material is available in 7 colours, silicone (soft) material in no less than 20 colours! Choose red if you want to stand out or transparent to make your earplugs less visible. Or glow in the dark, if you want to be seen even in the dark.