Pluggerz earplugs Travel

Enjoy your trip, lose the pressure!

Dread travelling by aeroplane because you suffer from painful ears during the ascent and descent? Or do your ears suffer during mountain hikes? Pluggerz Travel earplugs are hearing protectors with a special pressure-regulating filter. That way, you have control over noise and can enjoy your trip! Pluggerz earplugs are available in Uni-Fit.

Flying - Hiking - Height differences



Do you fly or hike in the mountains occasionally? Then Pluggerz Uni-Fit earplugs are a good choice. Pluggerz Uni-Fit Travel are universal earplugs that regulate pressure and filter ambient noise. With 3-lamina design for optimal fit.

Travel Uni-Fit

Uni-Fit Travel earplugs negate the effect of pressure variations and attenuate ambient noise to ensure you can travel or hike in comfort. The earplugs are made of hypoallergenic silicone material and can be used over 100 times. They are easy to take anywhere thanks to the handy storage case.

Attenuation: 27 dB

3-lamina design for optimal fit


Storage case