Light up your ears with Pluggerz Glow in the Dark custom made earplugs!

18 Jul 2018

Wearing hearing protection is not only sensible nowadays, but also really cool. So get ready to be seen with Pluggerz Glow-in-the-Dark! And on top of that, you can now easily find them back in the dark. So party, ride, read, travel, sleep, shoot and work with glowing Pluggerz earplugs. The brand new 'color' Glow-in-the Dark is available for all customized hearing protection made of silicone, with a hardness of 40 Shore.

How do the Glow in the dark earplugs work?

It is actually very simple: put your earplugs in (sun) light and they automatically charge! As long as the earplugs see light, they charge. And the longer you charge them, the longer they glow. Perfect if you want to see and be seen!

Where can you get them?

The Pluggerz Custom-Fit Glow-in-the-Dark earplugs are available through one of the affiliated dealers.