Leven met oorsuizen: “iemand gooide vuurwerk naar binnen”

5 Feb 2020

Leven met oorsuizen: “Normaal heb je alleen ’s avonds of de volgende ochtend last van een piep”

3 Feb 2020

Time for the summer holidays!

17 May 2019
I'm going on a holiday and take with me... earplugs? Of course! For a nice, relaxing holiday we'd like to help you get rid of as many uncomfortable moments as possible (when it comes to sound). Here are our top moments in which you may need some earplugs.

5 reasons to choose Custom-Fit earplugs

16 May 2019
Pluggerz Custom-Fit have some great advantages over the Uni-Fit. The nice thing about Custom-Fit earplugs? You can customise them! Do you choose for our standard filters or go for optimal sound quality with our Premium filters?

Heeding hearing impairment in the work environment

14 May 2019
A simmering coffee machine, chatting colleagues, the radio in the background and the sound of a starting PC, all sounds that match the start of my workday. Sounds I do not really hear if I am not consciously listening to them, but which are always there and give me a familiar feeling.

Changes in the production process in an innovative company

1 May 2019
Changes in the world follow each other faster and faster. These developments offer opportunities for each company, but innovation is key. Innovation by application of new technologies, the development of new products, but also innovation in work processes.