Christmas music for a festive mood, or not?

20 Dec 2022 | Sylvia
You are bound to hear them everywhere in the month of December, spiritual Christmas songs, cozy singalongs and seasonal party music. But what makes that music so special? And how happy does it really make us?

Earmuffs and earplugs for kids – what’s the difference?

6 Dec 2022 | Wendy
Earmuffs or earplugs: both offer protection, but what’s the difference between the two and which option is right for you? The choice between earmuffs and earplugs is always personal. Ask your child(ren) what they want!

Five holiday gift ideas that are good for you!

16 Nov 2022 | Sylvia
The holidays are just around the corner! And with all the misery we endured in the recent years we should take some time to be extra kind to ourselves. Here are 5 tips to do so!

Christmas survival 101

8 Nov 2022 | Wendy
Admittedly, we love Christmas! But don’t click away if you are not too fond of the Holidays, these tips could also benefit you! Because even if you are fully in your element when it comes to Christmas, sometimes a little break will do wonders in the busy month.

5 tips to comfortably enjoy summer activities

18 May 2022 | Wendy
There’s plenty of summer activities – take for instance a vacation, a day at the beach or a hiking trip – to enjoy. We picked 5 summer activities and added some tips to enjoy these activities as comfortably and safely as possible!

The best earplugs for musicians

5 Apr 2022 | Wendy
Music: it moves you, entertains you and connects. As a musician, you know this better than anyone. How do you make sure you enjoy the experience of music, without having to compromise on sound quality?