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Enjoy the music, control the sound!

Want to safely enjoy festivals, concerts, or parties? Pluggerz Music earplugs are hearing protectors with a unique music filter that filters out harmful noise while preserving the musical experience. That way, you have control over noise and you can keep enjoying music! Pluggerz earplugs are available in Uni-Fit

Festival - Concert - Cinema- Catering industry- Musicians



Do you attend the occasional festival, movie, or party? Then Pluggerz Uni-Fit earplugs are a good choice. Pluggerz Uni-Fit Music earplugs are universal hearing protectors with a music filter. With 3-lamina design for optimal fit.

Music Uni-Fit

Uni-Fit Music earplugs allow you to enjoy music at festivals, concerts and events while your hearing is well protected. The earplugs are made of hypoallergenic silicone material and can be used over 100 times. They are easy to take anywhere thanks to the practical storage case.

Attenuation: 22 dB  

3-lamina design for optimal fit

Reusable over 100 times

Practical storage case