Time for the summer holidays!

17 May 2019

I'm going on a holiday and take with me... earplugs? Of course! For a nice, relaxing holiday we'd like to help you get rid of as many uncomfortable moments as possible (when it comes to sound). Here are our top moments in which you may need some earplugs.

1. On the way there

Do you find flying annoying because your ears always hurt when taking off and landing in a plane? Or does your beautiful hike get interrupted by pain in your ears? Pressure differences can irritate your ears quite a bit. Pluggerz earplugs Travel have a special filter which regulates pressure differences. On top of that, they also filter surrounding noise like airplane sounds or annoying passengers. With Pluggerz earplugs Travel you'll travel from A to B comfortably!

2. To sleep comfortably

Normally you go on a holiday to recharge, so you'll want to wake up feeling well-rested. Is your hotel located next to a busy road, do you have noisy neighbours, is your roommate snoring or is the airconditioning buzzing the entire night? Then chances are you will not sleep all too well during your holiday. Pluggerz earplugs Sleep can be of help by filtering the surrounding noise. Thanks to the extra soft silicone material they are very comfortable, even when sleeping on your side.

3. For a day at the beach

Water in your ear canals can lead to irritation or inflammation. Especially children are susceptible to these problems when swimming or taking a shower. Pluggerz earplugs Swim help keeping the water out of your ears so you can enjoy a nice swim* or a relaxing shower.

*Pluggerz earplugs Water are not suitable for diving. This is because of pressure differences while diving. You can use them up to a depth of 3 metres; diving or jumping in the water is not recommended.