Laws and regulations

Noise at the workplace can damage hearing. Employers therefore need to implement measures to protect employees against noise-induced hearing loss. There is Health & Safety legislation in place for this. The most important points are:

  • The employer must provide hearing protectors in the event of daily exposure to noise above 80 dB (A).
  • It is mandatory for employees to wear hearing protection for (the full duration of) exposure to volumes above 85 dB (A).
  • A Plan of Action must be developed for exposure to 85 dB (A).
  • If the 87 dB (A) limit is exceeded (measured in the ear, thus taking the hearing protectors into account), volumes must be reduced to below the limit immediately.
  • Employers must offer their employees sufficient information about the risks of noise.
  • Employees are entitled to a hearing test to ascertain whether the measures implemented are effective.

As of 21 April 2018, PPE hearing protection falls into category III, the category of equipment that protects against serious health risks. Our products have complied with category III standards since that time. According to the Dutch Occupational Health & Safety Act, employers have a statutory obligation to implement measures to prevent hearing damage to employees. Would you like to protect your employees in accordance with legislation and not have to worry about it? At Pluggerz, we offer a total service concept when your company purchases professional hearing protection.


Our otoplastics are certified according to the following certificates: Certification Our otoplastics are certified according to the following certificates:

  • ISO9001-2015
  • (EU)2016/425 module D
  • EN352-2: 2002

Standards Committee

Pluggerz is represented on the Dutch 'Hearing Protection' Standards Committee. We were delegated by the Dutch Standards Committee to participate in the 'EN/TC 159 Hearing protectors' European Technical Committee.

This includes the following working groups that are concerned with the development of European standards:

  • CEN/TC 159/WG 02 "Electronic and amplitude-sensitive hearing protectors"
  • CEN/TC 159/WG 05 "Hearing protectors - Selection and use"
  • CEN/TC 159/WG 06 "Hearing protectors - General requirements and test methods"

The participants are represented as experts here.