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At Pluggerz, we offer a total service package when you purchase professional hearing protection. What does that mean? Pluggerz is responsible for the planning, organisation and management. As a result, you do not need to worry about maintenance, checking and cleaning of the hearing protectors. We offer various options in that regard.

Our own team of Service Employees is responsible for measuring, supplying and checking the otoplastics on location throughout the whole of the Netherlands. In addition, we have an extensive dealer network of audiologists who also measure, supply and test. We are therefore able to offer you quick service and high-quality products.

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Basic Care

Basic Care gives you security. We measure your employees for otoplastics on location and also deliver them after production. We then carry out a seal check to ensure the hearing protectors are 100% leak-proof. We can check and maintain the hearing protection annually if desired. You pay a nominal fixed price for this. You get a 6-month guarantee on the fit and sound density.

Care Control

If you do not want to worry about your employees’ hearing protection and want to be sure your company is complying with the latest requirements, it is best to opt for Care Control. Care Control offers you all the benefits of Basic Care, plus no charge for replacement in the event of sound leakage, annual checks as well as full care and service in accordance with the Dutch Occupational Health & Safety Act. Your guarantee applies for the duration of the service agreement. That way, you are always assured of effective hearing protection without unforeseen costs!

Individual seal check​
Our hearing protection is customised, so we guarantee a perfect fit. We perform a seal check to ensure there is no sound leakage. Not 100% sealed? Then we will make new ones, free of charge.

Your client portal 
You can keep an eye on everything via the client portal. You can see exactly what we are doing, which employees have hearing protection and which action points are still outstanding. Such as the status of measurements and checks, for example. You always stay up to date via the client portal!

Questions about hearing impairment in the workplace?
What should an effective hearing protection programme comply with? How often should I offer my employees hearing tests? You can find the answers to these and other questions in the Report on the Prevention of Occupational Hearing Impairment.

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