Your personal hearing protection

Hearing protection in the working environment

The best earplugs for every situation.

Pluggerz has the ideal ear plug for every activity or situation. From motorcycling, traveling and doing odd jobs, to making music, going out or visiting festivals and reading a book in silence or sleeping undisturbed.

Enjoy life, control sound! with Pluggerz Earplugs

Noise is everywhere. Often we enjoy it, but sometimes it is simply too loud, bothersome, or not distinct enough. Control over our exposure to noise and its intensity is therefore important. Your hearing is precious, so you should take good care of it.

Pluggerz Earplugs are high-quality earplugs for every conceivable situation. Customised hearing protection for the perfect fit, as well as standard high-quality earplugs in two sizes, the Pluggerz Uni-Fit.

Pluggerz earplugs have a unique filter that reduces noise to the desired level, while it is still possible to communicate effectively. Ideal for work, as well as other activities.


The new Pluggerz Enjoy

Universal earplugs 

Nieuwe Pluggerz Uni-fit

Enjoy life!

Pluggerz Glow in the Dark

Be seen. 

Pluggerz Glow in the Dark

Custom earplugs. Glow in the dark. 

Pluggerz for AirPods (Pro)

Solid & Firm. 

Pluggerz Earpod sleeves

Custom made. Pluggerz Fit for AirPods Pro.

"1.1 billion young people worldwide risk serious hearing damage from exposure to noise in the recreational sphere."

- World Health Organisation


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