About Pluggerz

Enjoy life, Control sound!

Your most unforgettable experiences are influenced by sound. Whether you are dancing at the hottest festivals, open up the throttle on your motorcycle, have a good conversation with your friends or if you just peacefully want to get lost in a good book, Pluggerz helps you to enjoy things that make you happy without any worries. Young or old, hard of hearing or not, daily or occasionally, Pluggerz improves, dampens or amplifies sound for everyone.

Quality of life, sound & product

Pluggerz gives you quality of life, sound and products! Our earplugs and earmoulds have been developed with hearing care professionals for the best results and the highest standard of comfort. We use the most innovative techniques to ensure this.

Sustainable & involved

There's nothing better than living in the moment. With Pluggerz you enjoy life and take good care of yourself and others. You benefit today and tomorrow! Just enjoy life without worrying about the consequences, Pluggerz got you covered!

Pluggerz is a brand of Comfoor B.V. In our own laboratory in The Netherlands, we have been developing and producing quality products since 1985 for users all over the world. 

"1.1 billion young people worldwide risk serious hearing damage from exposure to noise in the recreational sphere."

- World Health Organisation