Uni-Fit or Custom-Fit?

In hearing protection, you can choose from universal (Uni-Fit) or customised (Custom-Fit) earplugs. Which type is best for you varies from person to person.

Universal earplugs are generally suitable for occasional use. Uni-Fit earplugs are geared towards specific situations and ensure you have the best protection at concerts, on your motorcycle, or while sleeping. The earplugs are made of hypoallergenic silicone material that can be used over 100 times and come with a handy storage case. Each pack contains two sizes, so you always have the best possible fit for your ear canals.

Customised hearing protection (Custom-Fit) offers the highest level of comfort, optimal protection and the most options. You can customise them with a choice of filters, materials and colours, for example. Custom-Fit hearing protectors are more comfortable for longer or more frequent use. There are also communication options for customised products.

Experience the difference!

What does noise actually sound like through the different filters? We have developed an attenuation simulator to help you in your choice of filters. Select your music genre and the type of filter and hear the difference for yourself!

Attenuation simulator

1 Choose your music style

3 Attenuation values