A filter for every situation

19 Nov 2020

There are many situations where earplugs could come in handy. But every situation is different. In construction you have entirely different sound (levels) than in a concert venue. That is why it's important to treat every situation uniquely and see what filter goes best with your particular situation. The exact attenuation of all our filters can be found in our attenuation overview

Pluggerz filters offer a little more attenuation at higher frequencies. All filters are tested and certified. The filters attenuate between 22 and 33 dB depending on the material from which the hearing protection is made and the situation in which they are being used.

Pluggerz Premium filters were designed for the best sound quality. These flat filters offer virtually the same level of attenuation at all frequencies, as a result of which sounds retain their integrity. With Premium filters, you can choose from attenuation levels of 10, 15, 20 or 25 dB.


Special filters

For a number of Pluggerz Custom-Fit products, we have developed special filters. These are our Sleep Side Sleeper (with flexible filter), Travel (with pressure regulating filter) and Water (with a filter for venting) earplugs. For these products, only one filter is possible.

But which filter is right for me?

A difference of 3 dB in sound levels sounds like it's not much, but it can make the difference between whether you get hearing damage. Every 3 dB increase means double the sound, half the protection and half the amount of time you can be exposed to the sound level without getting hearing damage. This is why the correct filter is so important. 

To help you in your filter choice, we have an advice for every category of earplugs. But your audiologist/hearing care professional can also help you with the decision. And if you find you need a different filter after purchase, you can always contact your audiologist/hearing care professional to discuss a different filter!*

You can also listen to the difference in sound quality between the Pluggerz filters, Premium filters, Uni-Fit and foam plugs with our attenuation simulator

* consult your hearing care professional if they charge you for changing/replacing filters.

Written by: Wendy