Christmas survival 101

8 Nov 2022

Admittedly, we love Christmas! But don’t click away if you are not too fond of the Holidays, these tips could also benefit you! Because even if you are fully in your element when it comes to Christmas, sometimes a little break will do wonders in the busy month.

Give yourself a break

Before you know it, you roll into a long line of parties, Christmas dinners, spending time with friends and family and then straight into the New Year. Not too long ago, this wasn’t even possible and many people reach their social limit sooner than before. So listen to yourself and don’t forget: not everything is a must!

Control sound

Tired of hearing Christmas songs? Still have to do your Christmas shopping in a busy street? Rather zone out for a bit instead of listening to friends and family? We got you covered! When it’s all a bit too much, earplugs can help you out. Put in your earplugs, turn down the volume and focus on yourself!

Party ‘til you can’t no more

Can’t get enough of all the parties during Christmas and New Year’s? Use filtered earplugs! You can enjoy the music and communicate with friends. Added bonus: you’ll not have that annoying beep in your ears during the rest of the Holidays.

A booming New Year

We probably don’t need to tell you that fireworks can be incredibly loud. Fireworks are even in the top 5 loudest sounds in the world! Granted, sound levels of exploding fireworks will not reach the 140dB where you are standing, but it’ll still give you a loud bang. Earplugs (or earmuffs for kids) are definitely not an unnecessary luxury!  

And in the New Year?

However you decide to start off the New Year is up to you. Sleeping in after a long night or a refreshing polar bear plunge in the ocean; whatever you do, on January 1st you’ll have made it through the Holiday month!

Written by: Wendy

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