Cord with clothing clip

25 Jun 2020

For several Pluggerz products we developed a cord with clothing clip. Using this cord means you do not have to put away your hearing protectors every time you do not use them for a while; you can just hang them around your neck.

To which products can you connect a cord with clothing clip?

There are a number of variants of the cord. We make a rough distinction between:

  • A cord for hearing protectors made from acrylic material with safety grip and Pro Uni-Fit products.
  • A cord for hearing protectors made from silicone material with grip molded into the earplug.

Apart from these two variants, we also have detectable (Detec) cords, suitable for for instance the food industry. If your earplugs by any chance end up in the production line, a metal detector can find them.

Cords are only possible in combination with a grip on the product. In the PDF below we made an overview of the specific products (not) compatible with a cord.

* While you can fit a standard cord with clip to the Music Premium Uni-Fit and Custom-Fit 2-in-1 products, the fit is not optimal. This can have a negative effect on the sound experience of the filter.


The Pro and Pro Detec Uni-Fit come with a cord in the package. For all other applicable Custom-Fit products, you can order the cord extra.

Written by: Wendy