Five holiday gift ideas that are good for you!

16 Nov 2022

The holidays are just around the corner! And with all the misery we endured in the recent years and the energy crisis we battle presently; we should take some time to be extra kind to ourselves. To relax, feel healthy and enjoy life to the fullest, while taking extra good care of ourselves! To help you achieve that, we've put together a wish list for a little self-love. Here are five great gift ideas that are good for you!

1. Enjoy the silence with earplugs
Silence is good for your soul and your body. It not only improves your immune system, but also reduces stress and the worries that come with it. So, allow yourself a moment of silence by using good earplugs and you will feel completely relax again. Earplugs can be used just about anywhere! Whether you're at home in your bed, sitting on the couch with a good book, on the road or enjoying a party, there is a special earplug for every situation. And most importantly, they protect your hearing against hearing damage in noisy environments!

2. Sleep well with a sleep mask
Sunlight and fresh air during the day have a positive effect on your sleep at night. But did you know that a little bit of light during your sleep can cause you to lie awake or not sleep well? And that blue light influences our biological clock, and thus can disrupt your sleep? With a sleep mask, you block out all the lights in your environment. They are even available with Bluetooth speakers! Now you can dream away with or without your own music, while your partner is still watching Netflix with the curtains open!

3. A relaxed vision when the sun is shining with polarized sunglasses
Most of us get very cheerful and happy when the sun shines, right? Unless you suddenly no longer see a stitch because of its brilliance - on the road, the water or in the snow! Fortunately, there are special sunglasses that will remedy that. Regular sunglasses reduce the brightness of light, but do not remove the glare from reflected light. Polarising sunglasses do! The polarized lenses filter out the horizontal glare of light. This gives you a nicer, better, and relaxed vision.

4. Good reads for the right mindset
Spending time with and for yourself. Everyone is talking about it, but few people actually manage to make and take that me-time. More love and time for yourself ensures that you can also put more love and time into others. There's really nothing float or mushy about it. A little self-love is super important for a healthy mindset! Do you also have trouble paying attention to yourself? Then read one of the many self-love books that have been written about this. You’ll see, if you take better care of yourself, the rest will follow!

5. Keep moving
Exercise is good for you; we can all agree on that. It’s just that lack of motivation and your busy life keep getting in the way of a daily routine. Fortunately, there are smart solutions to put more exercise in your day, without having to spend a lot of time on it. For example, you can micro move while working, cooking, or brushing your teeth. Or watch your favourite movie while fitness hula hooping! It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you stop sitting still. Because standing still is going backwards!

Written by: Sylvia