Pluggerz earplugs Quiet

Enjoy the silence, turn down the noise!

Don’t want to be disturbed by noise while studying, working, or reading? Pluggerz Quiet earplugs are hearing protectors that were made so you can keep concentrating. That way, you have control over noise and you can focus on your work! Pluggerz earplugs are available in Uni-Fit and Custom-Fit.



Pluggerz Uni-Fit earplugs are high-quality universal hearing protectors for incidental use.



Pluggerz Custom-Fit earplugs are customised hearing protectors that offer optimal wearing comfort and the best protection.

Studying - Reading- Focus- Working



Do you sometimes need a break from your environment while reading or studying? Then Pluggerz Uni-Fit earplugs are a good choice. Pluggerz Uni-Fit Quiet earplugs are universal earplugs that can help you focus. There are two sizes, so you can always find the right fit.

Quiet Uni-Fit

Uni-Fit Quiet earplugs attenuate ambient noise so you can concentrate on your work, your book, or your studies. The earplugs are made of hypoallergenic silicone material and can be used over 100 times. They are easy to take anywhere thanks to the practical storage case.

Attenuation: 26 dB

2 sizes for the best fit

Reusable over 100 times

Practical storage case



Pluggerz Custom-Fit earplugs combine optimal protection with the best fit. One of our dealers takes imprints of your ears, which are then used to produce your personal hearing protection in our own laboratory. Custom-Fit hearing protection can be completely customised as you desire with a choice of 2 materials, 22 colours and various filters.

Quiet Custom-Fit

Custom-Fit Quiet earplugs are customised earplugs with a filter for studying, reading, or working in ambient noise.

Material: Acrylate of silicone
Attenuation: 26-33 dB (standard)
Available in more than 20 colours (depending on material choice)
Optional: grip and cord with clothing clip

Quiet 2-in-1 Custom-Fit

Custom-Fit 2-in-1 Quiet earplugs are customised earplugs with a premium filter. Premium filters, also known as flat filters, provide uniform attenuation, as a result of which communication and ambient noise are not distorted. In addition, you can connect compatible in-ear earplugs to them so you can listen to music while studying, working, or reading!

Material: Silicone
Attenuation: 20 dB (standard)
Available in 20 colours
Optional: cord with clothing clip* 

*While you can fit a standard cord with clip to our 2-in-1 product, the fit is not optimal. This can have a negative effect on the sound experience of the filter.


Perfect fit for the
highest level of comfort

100% leak-proof for
optimal protection

Customisable in colour,
material and filter