3 tips to enjoy Formula 1 races to the max

16 Mar 2022

This weekend is the kick off of the 2022 Formula 1 season in Bahrain. Current champion Max Verstappen will be defending his title in a series of spectacular races.

Every racing enthusiast knows it can get loud on the track and in the audience. Naturally, this sound is a vital part of the entire experience. The feeling is great, however, your ears might be not as happy about the sound. Hearing damage is irreversible and will have impact on the rest of your life.

So do you have plans or tickets for the Formula 1 races this year? Then these tips are for you!


Formula 1 is well known for innovation. The cars’ engines have been finetuned and tweaked tremendously over the past years. Not always to racing fans’ content, because the current engines produce a lot less decibels than they used to. But even now, these engines produce around 105 and 110 decibels.

Good to know: hearing damage can occur by being in sound levels over 80 dB for a certain amount of time. Every 3 dB increase in sound means half the time you can spend in that sound without risking hearing damage. If we do a bit of math here, we can see that with a sound level of 110 dB the risk of hearing damage already occurs after 30 seconds!

Tip 1: Use earplugs

By wearing earplugs, you can lower the amount of decibels to a safe level. Pluggerz Road earplugs are a perfect fit for race enthusiasts, bringing down the sound while still being able to enjoy the race and communication with your neighbor.

Tip 2: Don’t sit too close to the track

3 dB increase means half the amount of time to be in sound safely, but every 3 meters away from the source means half the intensity of the sound. By sitting a bit further away from the track, you’ll not get the full blast of sound from the race!

Tip 3: Give your ears a break

Of course it’s never easy to look away when tension on the track is high, but try to give your ears a bit of a break every now and then. Maybe by buying a drink or going to the toilet?

Enjoy the races!

Written by: Erik