5 tips to comfortably enjoy summer activities

18 May 2022

For many people, summer means a time of relaxation. Whether it’s during a vacation or just during a nice weekend; we can go back outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. There’s plenty of summer activities – take for instance a vacation, a day at the beach or a hiking trip – to enjoy. We picked 5 summer activities and added some tips to enjoy these activities as comfortably and safely as possible!

1. Take the plunge

We dive right in with one of our favourite summer activities. Because let’s face it: isn’t it great to take a plunge into the ocean, a lake or even a kiddy pool in the back yard on a hot summer’s day?

Do you love the water, but do your ears get irritated? Water in your ears can lead to swimmer’s or surfer’s ear, an infection that can cause serious discomfort. Don’t let water in your ears ruin your fun with Water earplugs! The unique attenuation filters keep water out of your ears and prevent swimmer’s or surfer’s ear.


2. Flying high

Now that most of the Covid-regulations have been lifted, more and more people hop on a flight to a far-off destination. Whether you spend your holiday in nature, in an all-inclusive resort or on a road trip through the country: make your flight to and from your destination as comfortable as possible with Travel earplugs! These earplugs have a pressure regulating filter which helps reduce ear pain during takeoff and landing.

And another tip: prevent stress at the beginning of your journey by being at the airport well before departure!


3. Party time

Festivals are back! For two years, we haven’t been able to enjoy live music, large crowds and sleeping on a festival camping. It seems like an eternity ago that we stood in line for festival toilets or got drinks for all your friends at the bar.

Do you remember the sound during festivals? Having the speakers on full blast may make the music experience great, but give your ears some love as well by wearing Music earplugs! Of course, there’s also our Music Custom-Fit earplugs (only available in select countries).

We already put them on our festival checklist for this year!

4. Going topless

We’re talking about cars here! Whether you have or rent a car where you can take the top off, a sunny day in summer is the perfect time to drive around with an open roof! Stepping on the gas, feeling the wind breeze through your hair… the only downside is that with higher speeds you can expect quite a few decibels. Especially on the highway, Road earplugs are a great idea!

And don’t forget to close the roof in case it starts raining…



5. Happy camper

Some people hate it, for others it’s their ideal vacation: camping. In the morning you zip open your tent, take your roll of toilet paper and try to dodge all tent lines while trying to reach the toilet, still half asleep. Our tip: take a pair of Sleep earplugs with you. You never know who your neighbours will be and getting a bit of rest before having to go back to work might be a good idea!



Whatever you’re up to this summer, remember to recharge while on holiday! Earplugs can help make the most of your holiday, keeping you comfortable while providing the right protection. Happy summer!

Written by: Wendy