Earmuffs and earplugs for kids – what’s the difference?

6 Dec 2022

In this blog we’ll be talking about earmuffs and earplugs. They both offer protection, but what’s the difference between the two and which option is right for you? Earmuffs attenuate surrounding sound with 26,5 dB. Earplugs attenuate between 22 and 26 dB, depending on the type. Earmuffs generally close your ears off from the outside world more than earplugs do. Some kids find this comfortable, others not as much. The same goes for earplugs: one child loves them, while another tries to get them out of their ears as soon as possible. The choice between earmuffs and earplugs is always personal. Ask your child(ren) what they want!

Age is also an important aspect. Pluggerz earplugs are suitable for children from ages 4 and up. Earmuffs can be worn starting at age 1. *because of their fit, earmuffs are not suitable for kids under 1 year old. Because younger children tend to pull out small things that are in their ears, it would be safer to use earmuffs for them.


Nowadays, you’ll find more and more earmuffs in classrooms, and for a reason. Children get easily overstimulated and in turn lose their focus or have a tough time mentally. Earmuffs (or earplugs with a higher attenuation value) will help reduce stimuli, making it easier to focus on the task at hand.


Celebrating New Year’s Eve is a big happening for kids. Staying up late, counting down to the new year, party in the neighbourhood – there’s a lot going on during the final days of the year!

Many kids love watching fireworks. It’s good to know that an explosion of fireworks easily produces 140 dB of sound (depending on the type of fireworks). Luckily the sound levels are a lot less while standing on the ground, but even then fireworks can be too loud. You might have firworks goggles ready, but earmuffs or earplugs definitely belong with the basic protection items. Make sure you and your kid(s) are able to enjoy fireworks for many years more.

Even though kids will not always see the importance of hearing protection (yet), they will thank you later in life. Kids’ ears need to last a lifetime!

Written by: Wendy

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