Keep it up: 5 tips to work better from home

11 Jan 2021

Since the end of March, 2020, many people have been working from home non-stop because of the corona crisis. One finds it great, another is having difficulty to work from home. Your workplace and your free time-space are blurring together, it requires a lot of discipline to keep your focus and you miss your old workplace with colleagues. And even with the perspective slowly turning more positive, it will be a while before we can get back to our regular workplace. Maybe working from home will even be regulated!

The 5 tips below can help you to make working from home a success! 

1. Make sure your work space is organised

Is your desk (or kitchen table) a mess? Then chances are this creates unrest in your head. You'll find that a clean desk is much better for your productivity. So only keep the essentials on your desk and clean up the rest! 

2. Go outside before the working day starts 

You now work in the same place as where you spend your free time. A lot of people roll out of bed in the morning, have breakfast and just start working. But if you go for a walk or drive before (and maybe even after) work, your brain thinks you are 'going' to work, which makes it less difficult to separate work and free time. And as an added bonus you get some refreshing air before starting the day!  

3. Create some silence

Are you being distracted by your partner vacuuming the house, children running around or your neighbour who just decided to mow the lawn? Create a bit of silence for yourself with Pluggerz earplugs Quiet. These earplugs attenuate 26 dB of sound, so you can focus on work uninterrupted! 

4. Take enough breaks

It's easy to keep on working, but your productivity will not get any better from it. Try to get at least a 5-minute break in every 60-90 minutes by getting a drink or doing a small workout.

5. Breng ritme aan in je dag

Especially when the balance between your work and free time is fading, it's important to stick to a certain rhythm. Get up at the same time in the morning, wear your (work)clothes, start working at a set time and stop working at a set time as well. It requires quite some discipline, but it can help you keep the essential balance between work and free time.

Written by: Wendy